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Bridal Boudoir “For Your Eyes Only”

To us it seems a shame that you, the bride-to-be, spends so much time and effort putting together your wedding day look , including the part  ‘for his eyes only’  for no permanent record of your look being made.  Your special day passes in a rush and all too soon it’s over and then those special things are packed away forever.  We offer a chance to give the man of your dreams, and yourself of course, a special gift to remember the care with which you chose the accessories, make-up, lingerie etc to make you look and feel so good, on your special day.

Our mission is to show your  absolutely fantastic  look, and to help you to create a unique and personal “for his eyes only” gift you can both treasure.

It's your photo shoot.  You are totally in control. We can shoot you in a variety of looks  from demure to romantic to risqué from implied nude to nudity, whatever you feel suits the gift you want to give. Why not bring your fiancé’s favorite shirt or football jersey, whatever you feel comfortable in, for a bit of fun before moving the shoot onto your boudoir look. Bring your veil, tiara, wedding lingerie, and even your wedding shoes and we will do a bridal boudoir shoot, creating a gift  to make his eyes sparkle when he sees it. A  perfect, intimate, personal gift that will leave him breathless and give you some added sparkle for your Big Day.

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